The position paper on the reform of the Transsexual law (Transsexuellengesetz, TSG) is finalized and open for signatures now. The TSG still contains a number of regulations that, even after several progressive verdicts by the Constitutional Court (BVerfG) are not compatible with respect for the dignity and self-determination of trans*persons, and exclude transgender and intersex persons. It also contains provisions that have proved in practice to be inadequate and that actually contribute to discrimination.

In September 2011, a nation-wide, open, participative, politically independent and self-organized working group was founded with the involvement of more than 30 trans*- and intersex groups and individuals. The self-imposed task of this working group was to develop common central demands in regards to the reform of the TSG from the trans*- and intersex communities. The hereby presented consensus document was completed in June 2012. It is now open for signature from all individuals, associations, organizations and groups who want to support the petition.

Arbeitskreis TSG-Reform,
1 June 2012